Margaret Daniel

Margaret is an interior designer and writer. Raised in the South and trained in New York City, her creative work celebrates the best of both locales—precise detailing, imaginative flourishes, and merriment—inviting inhabitant and reader into a world of ebullient fantasy.

After studying interior design and architectural history at the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) and apprenticing under celebrated decorators Miles Redd and David Kaihoi (Redd Kaihoi, LLC), Margaret established her full-service interior design firm in 2021. Since its inception, Margaret has completed residential design projects in New York, Nashville, and her native Augusta, Georgia.

She is the guest editor of Savannah HOMES magazine and a regular contributor to both Savannah Magazine and Augusta Magazine. Media features include the Passages Podcast and Ravel Podcast. Prior to her senior year of university, Margaret received the Angelo Donghia Foundation Senior Student Scholarship, the largest of its kind, for her sustainable restaurant design project garnering features in Architectural Digest and the Business of Home.

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